5 ways to optimize your online profile presence to attract recruiters

Nothing shows recruiters that you are the best fit for better job than a great online profile presence. Knowing how to write a professional resume that catches the attention of recruiters is just the first and foremost step to find Jobs in most popular job site Africa. Every element of your job application needs to convince the recruitment manager that you are a great match for the position or vacancies in South Africa. But did you know the accurate way to curate your online presence? The Good news is that you are almost there.

Five ways to optimize the online presence while searching Jobs in Africa


  • Provide a clear and specific career objective

While creating your online profile presence for job search and to find job vacancies in South Africa, you need to be clear regarding your career goal or objective. Mention it clearly to make it easy for the recruiters to search you. Keeping them in mind, the online profile that you will create will reflect your clarity and focus regarding your profession. Once you get the hiring manager’s attention, you are sure to get a call from them within few days.

  • Portray yourself perfectly by providing the key information

Provide correct and perfect information regarding your qualification (schooling, graduation and Post-graduation) as well as work experience. Make it a point to include all personal information like your mobile number, E-mail id and DOB (date of birth). Include your previous jobs, any projects and accomplishments. You can also use bold face to highlight your accolades, accomplishments, but use this feature carefully. Additionally, provide links to your Google+ account for the hiring managers/ recruiters to track you with ease.

  • Use a professional format in your Resume

Your resume should look professional and eye catchy. Your Resume is a reflection of your online personal brand, except that you are judged by recruiters based on what they see on paper.  You can do this by employing the following techniques:

  1. A Perfect font size to keep your resume readable
  2. Stay away from fancy colors and fonts
  3. Limit the Timeline, Remove Vague section


  • Accentuate core competencies or skills

To stand out from other candidates, make sure your core competencies — also stated as “areas of expertise” are listed in an easy-to-read format. Moreover, make sure you choose accurate skills that directly relate to the position or Jobs in Africa you are applying for in the most popular job site Africa. Take a prior step and change your CV or Resume accordingly. If done right, this should complement your online profile presence.

  • Upload your up to date CV and provide authentic information

A resume is your professional personality – on paper. Aside from these 5 tips, do not forget to tailor the resume to the specific job you are applying for to attract recruiters. If you have experience, skills, achievements or any course to showcase your professional development, then include them in your updated resume. You can upload your updated resume to the most popular job site Africa.

Your online presence is a critical part of your job hunt. Use these tips to gain full control and optimize your online profile presence to attract recruiters. That’s how you build a professional image that boosts your career value on the job market. Try these innovative ways; you will be surprised with the end results.