Best Job search sites 2018 trends that will give you insights for Job Search in Africa

Searching for a new job can be a daunting task. When it comes to job hunting, the trick is to take advantage of on current trends while showcasing your values and skills. Some things about searching for a job are pretty evergreen—like using well-versed keywords in your resume and dressing properly for an interview—there are trends that could give you an edge. Candidates must update and stay ahead of the trends to Job Search in Africa in order to land the roles they want and keep advancing their career. So, what’s new then? What can we expect in 2018? What are new job search trends 2018?

Today, job aspirants in Africa want more than to just earn a living, but succeed and climb the career ladder as well. Extraordinary Job search trends can also give you insights for Best Job search sites 2018. Job search 2018 trends are increasingly focused on online presence, persona, accessibility, and behaviour. If you’re seeking for a job in 2018 and wish to improve Job Search in Africa, you will need to know the top job search in Africa trends so you can easily land your dream job.

  • Turn-off Normal C Vs to Digital Resumes & Portfolios

    Digital innovation in Sub-Saharan African region is being driven by the explosion in mobile phone and internet usage, enabling African employers to leapfrog existing business technologies and models. The Internet is the vital resource during the job hunting process. You don’t use it just to find a job. It is also a medium that presents your online image as an ideal candidate. That’s why you will have to focus on your digital resume or CV, since more employers will be interested in that factor in the coming year 2018. According to human resources manager from Frontier Communications, Alec Sears: “In 2018 you will see a shift towards digital portfolios and resumes. The format of the CV won’t change much; it is simple and concise. As a wise job seeker, this is an important trend you should be aware of.

  • Social Media will get extra special & more Significant

    Current survey showed that 70% of employers/recruiters are screening candidates via social media before hiring them. However, 57% are less likely to consider somebody for an interview if they can’t find them online. That’s how serious social media reputation is in the recruitment process. The trend is going to get even buzz during 2018. Even the hiring manager for Arch Resources Group- Mr. Scott Wesper, agrees: “As the year draws closer, social media will play a great role in 2018 job search trends.

  • Bringing Transparency to the Candidate’s Job application

    In 2018, there is more expectation that employers will start embracing transparency in application procedures partly as a way to distinguish themselves in the competition for talent. One leader in this modern trend has been Johnson & Johnson. This year, the company announced a new transparent recruitment platform allowing job seekers to track in real time where they stand in the hiring process.

  • Inspiring AI in HR and Finance Sectors –

    When it comes to the future of career or work, Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are poised to influence nearly every facet of the workforce in some way. However, these two industries as being particularly ripe for big changes in the upcoming year, thanks to AI technology: finance and talent acquisition. In the HR world, Artificial Intelligence today are offering AI solutions to help recruiters sort through oceans of C Vs for great candidates, make predictive matches between job seekers and roles using data. AI bots can also handle repetitive and easy-to-automate tasks like scheduling applicant interviews.

  • Professionally Prepared Resumes

    If you want to stand out from the rest and improve job search in Africa, the Professionally Prepared resume has to be perfect. According to John Lauren’s, a HR manager from Resumes Planet. “A professionally prepared resumes will be one of the major trends among job seekers in 2018: “A professional writer is aware of the criteria of different industries. Job candidates are finally realising they can improve their possibilities of getting the interview call if they hire an expert and a professional writer to complete or improve their resume.”

Following these trends, you can accordingly make your own personal strategies to get the best fit jobs in Africa. Studies say these trends specifically impact following sectors: retail, manufacturing, finance, consulting, and even healthcare. The most in-demand jobs search in Africa for 2018- Financial Advisor, Computer Software Engineer, Managers, Biomedical Engineer, Operations Research Analysts, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, Web Developer, Sales and Engineer.