High pay, career growth, How to find the best jobs in Africa?

Whether you lost your current job or are seeking for a new one, the chances of getting a new position through advertisements are next to nil. Even spending your extra time crafting your resume and then applying for every job with that resume doesn’t work for most job hunters. An estimated seventy percent of jobs aren’t advertised. So, how do all these new job posts come about and what are the criteria to search the new jobs in Africa? The good news is that there are so many other avenues to consider and to build successful career in Africa.

Best Sources of Job search in Africa- Get the right fit

  • Job Search Engines and Career Websites

    In a competitive job market, some job aspirants have moved toward more creative methods for catch attention to themselves. You can use the best job search engines and career websites on the internet to post your well-crafted Resume and find new job openings in African countries. These sites function in a similar way to the traditional job-ads; however, they have a fast turnaround time and allow you to search over a large area. These job sites function in a great way and gives you access to great jobs in Africa.

  • Activate and expand your network

    In order to build a successful career in Africa you have to make a list of everyone you know and tap your network. It is seen that the majority of job posts is never advertised directly, which is often denoted as the “hidden job market.” Networking can go a long way in locating job search in Africa. You can join professional network platforms, attend events, or aim to connect with professionals who work in the similar field. The Social media platform also exist which allow you to network with expert professionals. Networking actually means a focused search process to find the next job opportunity in Africa.

  • Job Fairsthe extraordinary career path

    To land new jobs, job applicants will need to discover a perfect way to get a foot in the door. Job fairs are typically targeted to particular industries, though some career or job fairs are more generalised. Investigate any industries or companies that interest you, polish your CV and be ready to sell yourself. Some organisations or firms may even offer on-site interviews and hire candidates that best match their requirements.

  • Employers’ job postings on the Internet

    If you already have your dream company in mind, browse directly to the career section of their Employers’ job postings? If you watch for openings on their website, there is a chance you will find just the opportunity and make a successful career in Africa that you have been waiting for.

  • Contact Head Hunters and Recruitment Agencies

    If you are looking for some professional help in your job search in Africa, recruitment firms and head hunters can definitely lend a hand. There are a number of organisations that hire candidates through headhunters and recruitment agencies because it helps to streamline the extended process of locating, screening and interviewing candidates. Senior-level professionals are employed exclusively through reference or by headhunters.

  • Referrals

    Some employers offer incentives to their employees for referring a potential candidate to their organisation – a win-win situation for both parties. You get a new job opportunity, and your contact gets a hunting fee for attracting a highly experienced and skilled employee.

Finding the High pay and better job opportunities often requires a combination of these methods, so don’t be shy to experiment with a variety of techniques. However, Job Search Engines and Career Websites may be one of the best and smartest tools for hunting the best jobs in Africa.