Quick Tips to find the latest jobs in Africa by using incredible offline & online sources

Do you feel like you are spending so much time, applying to latest jobs in Africa by using different sources? Are you constantly tweaking your profiles, but are no closer to secure a new position? When you are hunting for a job, you may not be selling any service or product, but you are selling yourself. As such, it is imperative that you understand the different sources like top job search websites to find the suitable jobs. The digital mode of finding jobs can be downright demoralising. However, there are some things you can do offline that will compliment to your job search in Africa.

Tips to find the latest jobs in Africa by using Online and offline

  • Tap into your network:

    Building your network by meeting and exchanging information with professionals in your field or joining a local group can help you find the best jobs. Actively participate in your group’s events and meetings to establish rapport with your peers. The more well-known your credentials are, the more likely you will find career opportunities.

  • Attend events:

    If you are new to the specific sector, your best bet is to contact and connect with fellow professional’s offline so you can build your network and find jobs of your interests.

  • Career or Job Fairs:

    You can meet prospective employers at a career fair or virtual job fair. On a positive note, career fairs are filled by employers hunting for applicants to hire. You will get a chance to put a personal touch on submitting your CV/ resume. Instead of online view, you actually get to meet the employers directly, and directly get calls for interviews.

  • Campus recruitment’s :

    There are few educational Institutions which serve as an external recruitment source for fresh graduates. This kind of recruitment is called as Campus Recruitment. They have special recruitment cells which help in providing fresh jobs to new candidates.

  • References:

    Some employers offer incentives to their existing employees for referring the right candidate for the new posts to their organisation. It is also a great external source which has got an important place in the recruitment procedure.

  • Advertisements:

    The prime advantage of ads is that it covers a comprehensive area of market and scattered applicants can get information from advertisements. The Medium preferred as main source of ads are-Newspapers and Television.

  • Walk-ins:

    While many employers want job seekers to apply via top job search websites, online e-mail or the employer’s website, others still welcome seekers’ walk-in applications.

  • Contact Head Hunters and Recruitment Consultants:

    For some professional help in your job search in Africa, headhunters and recruitment firms can definitely help. There are lists of companies that hire candidates through headhunters and recruitment firms. The experts and consultants of such firms help to streamline the hiring process of searching and interviewing candidates. C-level professionals are exclusively employed through headhunters.

  • Leverage social media platform:

    Each social media website can be used in several ways to build your network while discovering new opportunities. Instead of joining new social networks, start by maximising the ones you were already on- Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Job Search Engines and top job search websites:

    You can use leading job portals and top job posting sites to submit your Resume and find new jobs in Africa. The leading job portals like Africaonjobs function exactly in a similar way to the traditional job-advertisements. It is the most popular job site having the largest database of candidates in Africa. You can easily search jobs covering almost all industry verticals. Such websites also incorporate uniquely designed filter option that can aid you to find the newest and the latest jobs in Africa. Such website also helps Employers to post new requirements and find the best fit candidates. They have a fast turnaround time and allow you to search over a large area or location.

  • Employers’ websites:

    If you already have your dream industries or companies in mind, browse career/ job section of the top companies in your region? Simply watch for new openings on their websites. There is a chance you will find the new opportunities and make a successful career in Africa.

Once you incorporate such tips, you can fine tune your job search for the right career. You may be surprised with the results. So here is no doubt, both offline and online sources playing a key role in the hiring process. However, Job search engines and top job posting sites like Africaonjobs are one of the quickest and smartest ways to find the next job opportunity and latest jobs in Africa