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Free job posting boards- 5 Effective and Best Pillars of a Job Posting Strategy

30-May-18 Job Posting
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Finding the best employees will be a key factor for the organisation being successful and growing with the economy uptick. Business leaders are finding hiring talent as their top challenge. There are more job openings today than in 15 years, and hiring managers and recruiters are facing a talent pool with increased mobility and expectations. If you are determined to hire top-tier talent, you need to put your best foot forward. Recruiters/ Hiring managers today have various avenues to pursue as they seek highly skilled candidates to fill open positions within their organisations. However, most candidate attraction strategies continue to revolve around posting to free job posting boards.

                             Five Effective Tips for a successful Job Posting Strategy

Not to mention, although the majority of job seekers are open to new career opportunities, most of them aren’t actively looking for new roles. These passive job hunters represent 75 % of the pool of talent today (though 58 % of them admit to checking at the best sites to find jobs at least every month). Keeping all of this in mind, for hiring leaders and recruiters seeking to attract the most qualified talent, it is important to develop an integrated strong strategy that connects with both passive and active job seekers on as many channels as possible.  A great job posting strategy involves thorough understanding the best way to broadcast your job to a passive, qualified and talented audience. For most companies, one powerful way potential candidates find international jobs in Africa are on the job boards. Successful Free job posting boards today provides a significant talent pipeline to corporate plus help brand a company’s employment.  Top free job posting boards have fantastic technology and are best sites to find jobs in African countries.   

· Perfectly define the role-

Free job boards for postings international jobs in Africa are massive in number. The posting needs to stand out from the rest with an accurate description that sells the exceptional attributes of the role. Your job posting should include complete detail of who you are looking for in addition to what they will be held accountable for. List the traits and values that are significant not only to fit with your organisation culture, however, to succeed in the role. The best candidates will -identify these unique traits and be attracted to the position because of that.

· Try to make it more search friendly to get visibility

The more relevant your job description and title, the likelier it will show up high on the Google search results page. It is the best way to grab attention (without paying extra bucks). In addition, fill out all of the attributes such as job type, full/part time, industry, etc. to rank higher. Browse the website where you plan to list the job and do a search as a candidate. Discover common keywords and use these as well as synonyms to get the maximum visibility & search results. 

· Never Forget… It’s an Advertisement! -

The Ads are intended to sell something. In this case, you are trying to sell the position in your company. A better advertisement can help you recruit better people. Think about effective and appealing keywords in general. They need to be compelling, aesthetically pleasing and above all interesting. You need to clearly present the new openings (why it’s a good job and what the main requirements) and an easy to understand call to action.

· Make sure the job portal has powerful Mobile apps-

Candidates spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. Make sure any job portal you work with has a powerful mobile site or app otherwise you will lose out on the best talent. The trend is still on of applying jobs via mobile with applicant tracking system. The success rate is getting better in 2017 but is just one more reason once a seeker finds your job on a mobile device.

· Simplify the process as much as possible- 

Here’s one more thing to consider by recruiters – streamline the application process. You also have to make sure it is 100% online. Try to shorten the process as much as possible to get great applicants to click to apply button and to find the best results of your ad. If you want them to spend an hour completing online application forms, you may lose many aspirants by making the process hassle.

Therefore, before ever posting new openings to free job posting boards, recruiters need to think like marketers and build a solid strategy. Companies that build their strategy utilising five jobs posting pillars will generate more candidates and, moreover, fill openings earlier than those that don’t.

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